Breast Cancer Awareness Gets Momentum

October is the official Breast Cancer (knowing about something) Month, with each year being pinker man the last. Breast Cancer (knowing about something) Month is all about increasing the knowledge of the importance of early breast cancer detection. Breast cancer (knowing about something) month 2017 began on Sunday 1 October and ended on Tuesday 31 October. The worldwide once-a-year (series of actions to reach a goal) involved thousands of organisations and highlights the importance of breast (knowing about something), education and research. October 2017 was breast cancer (knowing about something) month, which aims to highlight the importance of research into the condition and fundraising to help make it happen. The pink ribbon has been an international symbol of breast cancer for years. A little known fact is that the first breast cancer (knowing about something) ribbon was peach, not pink. Charlotte Hayley from Simi Valley, California, was the first woman to wear such a ribbon. In 1991, she created ribbons by hand in her dining room that came with messages encouraging Americans CO put pressure on the National Cancer Institute to pm more money into prevention. Pink Ribbon has a desire to do great things that by 2050 everyone with breast cancer will live. Many people wear pink ribbons co their clothing or bags to raise knowledge of breast cancer. People are invited to wear pink to raise knowledge of breast cancer and raise money towards the cause and the first event was in 2002 and they have raised (British pounds)30 million since this date for life-saving research.

There are ways people can pro-actively (do a series of actions to reach a goal) to highlight the voices of chose with breast cancer, such as emailing politicians to increase knowledge of problems – there is more information on the Breast Cancer Now website. The breast cancer (knowing about something) (series of actions to reach a goal) has now grown to an international important thing/big event, with events and activities each October which increase (knowing about something), and raise money at the same rhyme (song). Organised walks and runs and pink lighting up/education of representative buildings around the world and are part of these events. In Pakistan almost one among four women suffers from breast cancer an there is no national cancer registry in Pakistan and information on the disease.

Author is Chief Executive Officer Pink Ribbon Pakistan.

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