Azizi Developments launches Azizi Riviera in Islamabad

Azizi Riviera Receives Immense Response from Pakistani Investors, Real Estate Tycoons

Azizi Developments launched its world famous project Azizi Riviera in Islamabad, capital city of Pakistan in a calm and august (formal, special event or series of actions) in partnership with Mixture Business Company that helps business firm. A large number of real estate rich, powerful people, (people or businesses who give money to help start businesses), project developers, technical experts as well as leading Pakistani businessmen attended the (formal, special event or series of actions) to have information about the world class (popular things/general ways things are going) in construction and town planning industry. Azizi Developments is the real estate investment arm of Azizi Group. Established in 2007, the company’s (many different kinds of people or things) experience as a leading Dubai Property Developer in the market has led the value of its current (mix of stocks, bonds, etc./document collection) in the (land controlled by an independent ruler) to AED 18 billion with more than 100 projects at different stages of development. Azizi Developments has been useful in developing some of the finest properties in the Palm Jumeirah, Another Success Story: Azizi Developments launches Azizi Riviera in Islamabad; Meydan, Dubai Healthcare City,A1Furjan, Studio City, Sports City and Downtown Jebel Ali. The distinguished property developer focuses on providing quality studios, 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments in Dubai’s most energetic/changing communities and neighborhoods.

Giving described/explained presentation about the project Sales Manager Azizi Developments Khurram Shahzad said that positioned in the famous/respected Meydan One project, Azizi Riviera was set within a multiphase development of 71 buildings spread across four phases containing/making up 13 areas, a mega integrated retail district, full of life four and five-star hotel and beautiful greenery.He said the new azizi riviera was all about community living, reminding people of/bringing out the classic Mediterranean Riviera (way of living) with a modern, modern outlook. Long walks on paved paths, beautiful sunsets and just a short distance from water transport, yachting facilities and a proposed boat dock, you will always feel safe.

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