Azerbaijan on Every Tourist’s Checklist

Often known as ‘the land of fire’, Azerbaijan which was a Soviet republic once and now it is famous because of so many reasons. The high tech capital city of Baku, the Great Caucasus Mountains, and strange fire phenomenon are some of the reasons of Azerbaijan being a tourist attraction. People might have a lot of doubts before travelling to this state but once you go there it feels like you have found an ‘undiscovered gem’ and you won’t ever regret your decision. It is worth every penny you spend on this trip. All the adjectives give less meaning when it comes to defining the beauty of this extravagantly beautiful state. The capital is a beautifully developed modern city which is steeped in oil money. The city recently got built a subway, fast internet connection, infrastructure based on Parisian style and future optimistic buildings. The city is surrounded by rural areas with small towns having gorgeous mountains and farms. In these areas, people sit at the squares of the towns to look at the tourists and lend them a hand to help. The locals come forward to help the visitors and are very welcoming. The city has a spectacular history with incredibly beautiful national parks and fantastic hiking tracks.

Whosoever visits this state visits a part of the world that is free from all the negativity they face during tourism. This is a place where people can enjoy other people and places in the most authentic way possible. This state makes people fall in love with its beauty instantly. One-third of the world’s mud volcanoes are found here in Azerbaijan. These are formed by the pockets of the underground gases which force their way out to the outer surface through them. They act like geysers made up of mud. As this is not made up of magma so the temperature of the mud is quite freezing. The mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan are quite famous but those which are at the Gobustan National Park are a must-visit when one is in Baku. Tourists won’t feel any hurdle as all they have to do is to take a bus which will drop them at the park’s entrance but still there is a task which they to accomplish. The task is to find volcanoes because they are not easily found. This tour will cost approximately 60 AZN which is USD 35.

When a tourist visits Azerbaijan, he has to discover the Sheki Khan’s Palace. The palace was built in 1797 and it was the residence of Khan’s which they used for summers. It is located in Sheki and is one of the most splendid and historic buildings in South Caucasus. The windows of the palace are shebeke which means that they are made up of most delicate stained glass having geometric patterns. This is specially designed by the masters of Azerbaijan that casts fantastic rays of light with colours inside the entire interior of the palace. The timing of its opening is 10 am to 6 pm. This visit to Sheki Khan’s palace will cost you only 2 AZN which is USD 1.25. There is one more palace called the Palace of Shirvanshahs. This palace is built in the walled inner city of Baku and it is made with sandstone. It was made in the 15th century and it constituted a mosque, bathhouse, and mausoleum and also the well known Maiden Tower showing the tourists the most panoramic views of Baku. There is a fun fact about this tower that till today no one has any idea about the purpose of building this. The daily timings for the tourists and the natives to visit this place are 10 am to 6 pm. The cost of visiting this palace is 2 AZN and 6 AZN for unguided and guided tour respectively.

The tourists in Azerbaijan also visit and relax on the beaches of the Absheron. The residents of Baku migrate to their Dachas which are their country houses which are at the Absheron Peninsula so that they can get an escape from the heat waves in summers. There had been resorts popping up along the coastline in recent years which have made it easy for the tourists to stay near the beach. To reach there, there is an available option for both taxi and public bus. The other two beaches that are at Mardakan or Buzovna are also popular. They are famous for the warm waters of the Caspian Sea as people go there for sunbathing and swimming. This could be a fun adventure for the people who love beaches but Azerbaijan also offers a lot of things to the mountaineers. The mountain town of Quba has a cooler climate having old mosques and traditional green carpets which are surrounded by the beautiful alpines. People who love hiking visit this place. People also visit Tenghi Canyon. You can also pay a visit to the Khinalig which is a massive Zoroastrian centre or Krasnaya Sloboda. This is the only all Jewish town to be called after Israel and it has Juhuro population also called Mountain Jews. This place offers you to travel around and hike individually with no cost but there are some companies which offer the tourists for an organized day tour of the region and that costs nearly 38 AZN that is USD 23.

The water sports lover get entertained in Azerbaijan as well as the state has two developing water resorts although the state did not make any name in skiing internationally. The season for skiing is quite short as it just lasts two months. The months are mid-December and late-February. Charges for skiing for a full day are 20 AZN. If you are a learner and want to take a lesson then you will be paying 34 AZN. The state is exceptionally beautiful and welcomes the tourists with open arms. Azerbaijan is extremely safe for the tourists as the state has announced severe punishments for the crimes against tourists. The tourism industry in Azerbaijan is going to flourish more in the next few years.


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