Editor’s Note

September 2, 2021 Melange Mag 0

The ‘Big Story’ of the September issue of the Melange International Magazine authored by the Editor-in-Chief Amna Malik addresses Pakistan’s pivot from ‘geopolitics’ to ‘geo-economics’. […]

Moroccan Cuisine

August 1, 2021 Melange Mag 0

One of the great cuisines of the world, Moroccan cooking abounds with subtle spices and intriguing flavor combinations. Down below is a list of the […]

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Morocco: Travel Destination

August 1, 2021 Melange Mag 0

Morocco, a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, is distinguished by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences. This fascinating country […]

The UEFA Euro Cup

August 1, 2021 Melange Mag 0

Euro 2020 ended on 11th of July with Italy lifting the trophy at Wembley after beating England by 3-2 on penalties following a 1-1 draw […]

Pak-Uzbek Dynamic Relations

August 1, 2021 Melange Mag 0

Pakistan’s bilateral relations with Uzbekistan have been further strengthened during recent times because of the improved political understanding as well as progress in bilateral trade […]