Army Chief Returns with Commitment of Strong Relations

Pakistan and Russia reaffirmed their sense of duty regarding heightened two-sided military collaboration amid gatherings between the best military and security administration of the two nations. General Bajwa’s recent visit to Moscow came in the midst of important and landmark changes in international relations.

Throughout the visit, General Bajwa met Colonel General Oleg Salyukov, Commander Russian Federation Ground Forces at Kremlin Palace. The set out to extend existing reciprocal military collaboration was communicated when Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) Gen Qamar JavedBajwa opened his visit to Moscow with a gathering with Commander Russian Federation Ground Forces Col Gen Oleg Salyukov soon after National Security Adviser retired Lt Gen Nasser Janjua led delegation talked about key security issues with Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolay Patrushev.

It was Gen Bajwa’s first visit to Russia. His predecessor Gen Raheel Sharif had visited Russia in 2015. The military contacts between the two nations that began in 2007 have reinforced military participation as observed from the joint drills of ground troops and the naval forces.

During the meeting regional security and bilateral relations between Pakistan and Russia were discussed. In his gathering with the COAS, Russian Ground Forces Commander-in-Chief Colonel General Oleg Salyukov said his nation was occupied with growing the current military collaboration with Pakistan. General Bajwa, as well, communicated Pakistan’s want to upgrade reciprocal military commitment with Russia. The two countries had in February agreed to set up a military cooperation commission for promoting military cooperation. Both sides had signed a defence cooperation agreement in November 2014 and later inked military-technical cooperation accord, which allows arms trade between the two countries and cooperation in weapon development, in October 2015. Russian and Pakistani interests have merged on numerous issues and advancements. Peace in Afghanistan and phantom of ascent of ISIS, which debilitates both Pakistan and Russia, has united the two nations, while Russia might want to contain the ISIS well far from the Oxus River, Pakistan would need it to avoid meddling in Pakistan. The two nations have additionally built up a superior comprehension of post war Afghanistan and Russian initiative has been frequently facilitating Pakistani and Afghan pioneers in Moscow for Afghan compromise. As wanted by both Russia and Pakistan, a post struggle Afghanistan should help in building spans between Eurasian states and turn into a harbinger of peace for the entire region.

Interestingly, Russia has upheld Pakistan in real global discussions and exchanges, incorporating those held in India. President Putin additionally helped Pakistan when a Russia based Baloch protester pioneer MrJumman Khan Marri joined the standard and denounced RAW sponsored terrorism in Balochistan.

The most recent advancements recommend that the commitment is good to go and as a result be strengthened. As per a Russian source, an intense program has been produced during the current year. The rapprochement between the past erstwhile cold war foes was driven by Russian worries about instability in Afghanistan. Moscow believes the presence of US and NATO powers in Afghanistan neglected to reestablish solidity in the nation. Gene r a l Ba jwaadul a t ed Russia’s “positive role” in settling “complex circumstances in the region”. The armed force head, as per ISPR, told the Russian Ground Forces leader that Pakistan would keep on playing its part to “repel clashes from the region and look for approaches which bring local merging into play as opposed to divergences” The army chief’s trip was preceded by the visit of National Security Adviser retired Lt Gen Nasser Janjua to Russia. His meeting with Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev brought about an understanding that the security collaboration between the two nations required a lift.

The press service of the Russian Security Council reported that in their meeting, “issues of bilateral military cooperation in information security and countering international terrorism were studied.” General Bajwa said that the state was keen on advancing in promoting the relations between armies of Pakistan and Russia. The Russian leader asserted: “We need to advance barrier ties with Pakistan”. The Russian authority paid tribute to Pakistan Army’s part in the War on Terror and said that Pakistan was an essential nation in the area from a vital perspective.

Contributed by Sarmad Ali Khan

The writer is Staff Reporter & Content Writer at ‘Mélange Intl. Magazine’ & ‘ The Asian Telegraph’.


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The writer is Staff Reporter & Content Writer in ‘Mélange Intl. Magazine' & ‘ The Asian Telegraph’ (COPAIR).