Annual Investment Meeting 2022

The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) is an initiative of the UAE Ministry of Economy designed to provide a framework for global exchange on the key principles underpinning international investment policies, strategies and practices for sustainable development to achieve smart and inclusive global growth. Since its inception, the Annual Investment Meeting has established itself as a leading global investment platform that aspires to ignite positive transformation by creating investment opportunities, upholding solidarity and developing economic relations among nations, as well as addressing the global ordeals that will make a profound impact to economic growth. Every edition of the Annual Investment Meeting is an opportune event to address the fundamental challenges that nations are being confronted with on their journey to achieving development and to discuss investment trends and strategies that can be utilized to maximize the potential of every business, country and region to consequently fuel economic diversification. AIM Global platform provides businesses, governments and civil society with an independent, impartial and future-oriented platform to amplify their efforts to influence sustained, positive change. Using its considerable organizational capacity – including convening power, excellence in community management, insight generation and interaction technology – to facilitate multi-stakeholder interaction and impact.

The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) announces AIM 2022 to enhance the attraction of foreign investments in the vital and promising sectors in light of the new global trends.  AIM held a press conference on Tuesday, 7 September to reveal its next edition, the Annual Investment Meeting 2022, at Armani Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, AIM 2022 will take place from 29 – 31 March 2022, at the EXPO 2020, with the theme “Investments in Sustainable Innovation for a Thriving Future”, to deliver a renewed vision that reflects the economic ambition to build a global economic environment and expand the horizon of economic partnerships around the world. The 11th edition of AIM will create a robust roadmap to rebuilding economies by unlocking opportunities, reshaping strategies, and building key partnerships to accelerate global economic progress. It will utilize digital technology, and at the same time, provide an in-person event for participants who wish to physically interact with fellow participants.

To exceed the needs of prospective investors and reach out to a wider range of project promoters

Annual Investment Meeting is the World’s Leading Platform for Foreign Direct Investment. This will discuss the impact of digital globalization, how policies can be set in place to encourage an innovative investment atmosphere, the need to create long-term investment opportunities, and how to attract and develop skilled talents from across the world. AIM has established itself as a leading investment platform in the Middle East that convenes world-class global investors, venture capitalists, private corporations, financial institutions, economic experts and ministry authorities and governments from around the world. The past decade has provided immeasurable success for the global investment community to capitalize on strong partnerships and opportunities brought by the Annual Investment Meeting.

UAE Investment Partnership Initiative

The UAE government also announced the “UAE Investment Promotion Partnership”, which is an initiative of the Annual Investment Meeting that encourages local Investment promotion authorities to attract foreign direct investment towards important project that will benefit the UAE. Through this initiative, AIM will bring sustainable economic diversification to the UAE. Foreign direct investment will continue despite the pandemic, increasing productivity and boosting investments towards research and development. This is an outstanding initiative as both investment promotion authorities and federal government will benefit from this partnership.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities through Aim Pillars

AIM, through its six pillars namely Foreign Direct Investment, Small & Medium Enterprises, Future Cities, Startups, Foreign Portfolio Investment, and 50 Projects Initiative, will generate investment opportunities for various sectors and for all participants from more than 170 countries, that will significantly speed up the global economic recovery. Today, we live in fast-paced times and in a highly interconnected world. The complexity of the world requires greater global cooperation to address issues that contribute to the ecological environment, social cohesion and economic viability. Globally, sustainable innovation will serve as a breakthrough in the management of challenging situations and the complex evolution our world is currently facing requires that nations, industries, and societies invest in sustainable innovation.

Investments in digitalization

According to the International Data Corporation, direct digital transformation investments are expected to total $6.8 trillion between 2020 and 2023, and 65% of the world’s GDP is set to be digitalized by 2022. This will be driven by the accelerated adoption of digitalization and the heightened demand for contactless solutions and cloud services. The adoption of AI, big data, internet of things, cloud computing and 5G is disrupting and streamlining industries. The impact of COVID-19 has led to accelerated adoption of digital infrastructure, which is reflected in the private sector and embraced by governments worldwide. In this session, leading government officials, private sector representatives, academic scholars and tech investors will discuss the future opportunities that lie with digitalization and discuss the roadmap to outline a model that will attract FDI successfully.

Empowering investors, to drive global economic growth and make the world better, has always been the number one objective of the Annual Investment Meeting AIM.  Over more than 10 years, AIM has evolved into the world’s leading investment platform, with 6 strategic pillars, including the Foreign Direct Investment, a pillar that helps investors learn and discover promising investment opportunities across different countries and regions all over the world. In this context, the upcoming edition of AIM will be focusing on the vital role that Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) are playing in the international investment arena. Therefore, the AIM Global 2022, planned to take place at the Expo 2020 in Dubai from 29th to 31st of March 2022, is taking a bold initiative, in partnership with KPMG, to leverage the vital role of Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) – to achieve AIM’s overall objective of promoting investments worldwide.

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