Amjad Saqib: A Philanthropist and Morally Rich Person

Amjad Saqib established the Akhuwat Foundation, one of the leading Micro finance institutions in Pakistan. It gives loan packages to the underprivileged. Recently, he has been awarded with the Ramon Magsaysay Award, which is known as the “Asian Nobel Prize”. He started his work by distributing loan of PKR 10,000 to assist a needy woman who desired to support her family. This single step of kindness latter encouraged him to found a small organization which would give small loans to deserving people. Within the time period of 10 years, the organization exceeded PKR 1 Billion in disbursements to more than 90,000 families all across Pakistan, which helped them support their families. This organization, Akhuwat is standing on Islamic beliefs and customs of brotherhood and is world’s first microfinance organization which is totally interest-free.

The model on which the organization is based is an open-sourced venture.  His devotion and articulation in his hard work has earned him admiration from many across the globe.  In 2018, he has been the awarded with the Islamic Economy Award by the Crown Prince of Dubai and Thomson Reuters, the Commonwealth’s 31st Point of Light Award bestowed by Queen Elizabeth II, and the Social Entrepreneur of the Year award presented by the World Economic Forum (WEB) and Schwab Foundation. Previously while acknowledging his services government of Pakistan awarded him with Sitar-e-Imtiaz. Amongst other projects, Akhuwat has also initiated Pakistan’s first fee free university by the name of Akhuwat College University which is open to brilliant students from across Pakistan, as admissions are based exclusively on merit.

Being an MBBS doctor, Dr. Amjad Saqib was chosen for the nation’s uppermost bureaucratic institution, the elite Civil Service of Pakistan after clearing its examination with great distinction in 1985. He started his career as a civil servant but when his career was about to move towards higher echelons, he resigned in 2003 with the intention to become a social entrepreneur in order to make a difference in societal modification through Akhuwat. The organization he founded is his actual passion but he also provides voluntary services for many other NGOs. In this regard, He is Vice Chairman Punjab Educational Endowment Fund, Chairman Management Committee Fountain House, and Honorary Managing Director Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled, Member Board of Director Punjab Education Foundation, Member Syndicate Punjab University, Commissioner Punjab Health Care Commission, Member Punjab Red Crescent Society.

He is one of the personalities who is showing positive aspect of Pakistan where people have the empathy to serve the underprivileged. He is the one always called for his services for the humanity irrespective of race, region and religion.

He is leading a life with a mission to revolutionize the circumstances of the underprivileged not only by strengthening the lower stratum of the society but also earning honour for the Nation. Amjad Saqib is one of the few personalities in Pakistan, whose enterprises to eliminate the poverty in the south-Asian nation have not only assisted those in need but also attained the global compliment. In one of his interviews Amjad Saqib stated, “I believe that poverty cannot be eliminated if even a lone poor exists in the society. We serve all without discrimination. Akhuwat has served over four million people so far, and aims to help more than 40 million people in the coming years. This journey will continue all across the country and beyond its shores as well, God willing.”

Akhuwat Foundation has over 800 branches all across the country. The foundation has the network of 301 schools and 3 colleges which are source of educating more than 47,000 students. According to the latest figures, approximately 4.8 million people have been served by the foundation.

While mentioning the healthcare and wellbeing services, more than 500,000 patients with diseases like hepatitis and diabetes have been cured without any cost. In the same way about 2.7 million clothes have been gathered and disbursed among those in need of them. When it comes to interest-free micro-loans 140 billion rupees have been distributed. This distribution was also made to over 2,000 transgender people who attained monetary and social support so far. In the backdrop of COVID-19 and allied situation in Pakistan, Akhuwat came up with a responsible organization to ease things for many around.  The organization has diversified its role. Before the start of the pandemic the focus was on loans, rehabilitation of transgender individuals, provision of education and healthcare amenities on a micro level, as well as relief work with regards to natural catastrophes. The organization reached out to far flung areas along with mainstream cities.  Hopefully under the supervision of Amjad saqib, Akhuwat Foundation will keep moving ahead with the same passion in order to eliminate poverty and ease difficulties of marginalized community.

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