A Time to Collect Spiritual and Economic Rewards

This month the Muslim World is observing strict ‘Sawm’ in which after a pre-dawn meal called Suhoor and first prayer Fajr, they do not touch even a drop of water or any food until the sun sets. It is one of the five pillars of Islam and the real test is to keep working through the day at the same pace with full vigour. How long is the fast? Pakistan, like Arab countries could have it for 15 to 16 hours, while in New Zealand it could be for less at 10. But as we go up to Europe or North America, daylight hours extend to 20 hours, while the sun never sets near the North Pole. To obviate extreme rigour, Muslims may simply stick to the sunset hours of Mecca. Mosques all over the world arrange for the entire Quran to be recited over thirty nights in prayers called Tarawih. All forms of good conduct are amply rewarded by the Almighty during this holy period and an injunction against aggression or spite is as important as fasting. The month concludes with Eid ul Fitr which is also called the Sweet Festival by many marked by adorning new clothes and offering compulsory Eid prayers. It is then time to visit the elders of families and seek their blessings. Children enjoy it more as they receive cash or gifts as Eidi. People meet their relatives and friends, but such is the power of the day that they greet and hug even complete strangers. Team Mélange takes this opportunity to extend warm felicitations to Muslims all over the globe for a rewarding Ramadan and a blessed Eid ul Fitr.

In this time of festivities Team Mélange proudly announces the launch of a brand new initiative, Mélange Trade & Investment Forum, that is serving as a platform to connect dynamic markets of Pakistan with the rest of the world. It harbours a vision to link Pakistan to the Gulf region, Middle East and broader global outreach not only economically but also diplomatically and culturally. Through this forum, we aim to conduct and host some of Pakistan’s most prestigious trade and investment events. To give Pakistan a platform both regionally and globally to create new ventures, provide venues for trade, investment, entrepreneurship and technology. The Forum is also joining forces with the International Chamber of Commerce and various Private Enterprise Platforms to enhance trade. It is through this initiative that Mélange design signed MoU’s with LUX design Europe. Mélange Business consultancy with the support of COPAIR launched a sideline event during the web-summit in Lisbon. Ewomen, another project of Pakistan signed an MoU with another local brand to promote E-women design fashion products and accessories in European market via Portugal. This surely calls for us to celebrate both the arrival of Eid ul Fitr and Mélange Trade & Investment Forum that brings us spiritual as well as economic reward

Published in Melange Int. Magazine June 2018

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