72nd UNGA Session

The current 72nd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations proved significant for the timings of its event because it happened at time when the whole world was gripped by challenging developments like war of words between the US and north Korea, (killing large groups of people because of their culture, race, religion, etc.) of Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar, Post Brexit situation, Trump’s new South Asian Policy as well as Climate Change, (freedom from being punished) International’s report human rights violations in the form of huge use of pellet guns by Indian occupying forces in the Indian occupied part of Kashmir and others like this. More than that, new friendly partnerships and (related to a plan to reach a goal), trade and money-based (related to a large area) horseback riding were also newly appearing on international money-based (line in the distance where the Earth and sky meet) with West’s main focus on downplaying Chinese money-based growth and highlighting (compared to something else) slower speed Indian money-based growth. China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan and a few other countries taking clear position against the US, India and (together in friendship)/(got together as partners) countries on key international issues. With (related to a plan to reach a goal) move/change in the US policy towards the South Asia announced by President Donald J Trump, Pakistan visibly seems slipping out of the US influence and taking side of the anti US (group of people or countries that are united to a common goal). The continues to follow the policy of improving Indian role in Afghanistan bur at the same time pressing Pakistan more and more for securing/making sure of Afghan peace and (firm and steady nature/lasting nature/strength).This policy has pushed Pakistani into mode of upset/shaking and (the state of having no knowledge) equal to saying Pakistan can’t take responsibility of peace in Afghanistan. Such a strict rule-follower position has never been taken by Pakistan in the past. The once-a-year General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly is the occasion for world leaders to gather at UN Headquarters to discuss worldwide issues. The theme of the General Debate of the 72nd session was “Focusing on People – Trying for Peace and a Decent Life for All on a (able to last/helping the planet) Planet”. But, India and Pakistan resumed their tennis-match of statements (that someone has done something bad) as both the countries started/working at an open war of words, (charging with a crime) and counter-(charging with a crime) each other of human rights violations. In his opening statement UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres organized and listed (more than two, but not a lot of) grave challenges facing people (the kindness of people), trying to get everyone to understand that “our world is in trouble; people are hurting and angry.” (State of not being safe/source of mental worry) was rising, (state where two things are not the same) growing, conflict spreading and the climate changing. While the (world-wide process of people making, selling, and buying things) was becoming more integrated, the sense of worldwide community was (falling apart or breaking apart into tiny pieces), with (communities of people) broken-up and political intelligent talk (divided people into two opposite groups).

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