25th IFWA Anniversary Organized By Islamabad Foreign Women’s Association & Serena Hotels

On November 22, IFWA Bazar organized by the Islamabad Foreign Women’s Association & Serena Hotels celebrated the 25th anniversary of the organization. IFWA Bazar was organized to further the cause of the organization by raising funds to support the underprivileged women and their children. This year, the Sunbeams School and Al-Firdous School are chosen as the beneficiaries of the funding to further the cause of quality and free education for the disadvantaged members of the community.

IFWA is a non-political, non-profit charitable organization established in 1995 by women all around the world living in Islamabad. IFWA committee comprises of volunteering spouses of foreign diplomats across the expat-community creates an exciting program.

In the opening ceremony of IFWA Charity Bazaar, Ms Ursula Keller – President of IFWA delivered a speech, where she commended the efforts of the women associated with IFWA and making it a success story for others to follow. On the silver jubilee of the IFWA, she commemorated the committee of the charitable organization and her predecessors who have worked tirelessly for the empowerment of disadvantaged women and their children. She highlighted that the organization aims to strengthen girls by giving them education, avoid child marriage, and teaching boys to respect women and girls. She said that IFWA Bazar is the way to raise funds for our mission, and proceedings of this year’s IFWA Bazar will go to the Sunbeam Schools and currently we are focusing on and Al-Fridous Community School. She also acknowledged the efforts of all the stakeholders like embassies, members’ organization and volunteers who have extending their support in organizing the event.

Arts and crafts, food stalls from all around the world as well as cultural performances made IFWA bazaar an exceptional event.



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