22nd world petroleum Congress optimistic oil prices recovery

Dubbed as the “Olympics of Petroleum”, the 22nd World Petroleum Congress (WPC). which gathered top managers of the leading oil and gas companies in Istanbul, concluded with high expectations about the recovery from further slipping oil prices in the international market from view after three years into the biggest oil downturn in a generation. It would easily take until the end of the decade for better times to return to an industry that’s already endured a longer slump than most people expected The theme of 22nd World Petroleum Congress was “Bridges to Om Energy Future”. Dozens of government ministers from around the world and thousands of participants discussed numerous energy related issues. One of the most vital issues for every nation, energy has gathered leaders from around the world in Istanbul. Fifty ministers, 500 top executives and 20,000 people attended this year’s Congress, from July 9 to 13.The 22nd World Petroleum Congress provided the platform for open dialogue to build bridges between consumers and producers, governments and industry, academia and financiers, leaders and society, in order to address these issues and present debates, developments and solutions for sustainable production and use of the world’s energy resources.

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